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Manuel Antonio Park House, Costa Rica
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Jungle Villa Directions, Costa Rica
Location Jungle Villa, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
The last 300 meters (1000 feet) to our entrance gate if driving from Quepos to Manuel Antonio Park and beaches:
Around 4 km from Quepos you see at your RIGHT the Barba Roja Restaurant, Karolas Restaurant, Los Altos 8-story apartments, then a road to Hotel Mariposa and Hotel Parador.
Before this asphalted road to the right you see the 'Cafe Milagro / Hotel Mariposa' bus stop where all public buses from Quepos and San Jose (Tracopa, see schedule below) stop on request. From this bus stop you walk in 2 minutes to our villa.
After this asphalted road you see at your right Banco Promerica, Pura Vida Supermarket, Agua Azul Restaurant and Coldwell Banker.
20 Meters from Agua Azul Restaurant / Coldwell Banker you enter the small road at your RIGHT with a sharp u-turn. After 15 meters you find our parking at the LEFT.
20 Meters more downhill from our parking you see at the LEFT our green gate with yellow E which gives access to our villa. In the middle of the gate you find a small door which you can open from the inside.
In case this door is closed, please ring the bell at the right pole and our staff will open the door.
From our entrance gate you walk 50 meters over the jungle bridge to reach our villa.
The last 300 feet before you reach Manuel Antonio Park House
Location Manuel Antonio Park House, Costa Rica

Transportation San Jose to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Why the Jungle Villa ??
Very central location in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Highest speed internet in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Massage in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Eco friendly hotel
Socializing Hour in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Manuel Antonio Park House
A great place to enjoy nature!

If you visit Costa Rica to see nature and animals, you will be missing out on a great experience by not staying here
IMPORTANT: Please read the text below very carefully. The text is written by the hotel owners and by guests. Manuel Antonio Park House is a unique, one-of-a-kind property; not a standard hotel.

A very private villa in Manuel Antonio with ocean and jungle view, visiting animals, pool, high speed wifi (100 Mbps fiber optic)
Every room has private bathroom, private refrigerator, air conditioning, fans, free wifi, led cable tv, linens and towels
Paradise resort in the heart of Manuel Antonio where Ocean, Jungle and Western comfort meet. Truly the Pearl of Manuel Antonio.
This villa is set in 2.3 private acres of lush tropical rain forest which surrounds the villa completely, giving total privacy to our guests.

The only way in and out the villa is a 250-feet long jungle bridge that connects the house with the rest of civilization.
Under the huge 5500-square-feet roof you find a big open-air living space and bedrooms (with walls, doors and locks).
The open-air living space has a living room, dining area and several terraces. From here you have an unobstructed view of nature: no windows, no doors, no walls, no airco.

We warn you when we say this hotel is for nature lovers: we mean it. This is not the typical hotel where you will find all luxury amenities, over cleaned and free of all living animals and insects.

Whenever our villa is visited by animals or insects we don't want inside, our staff will place them back in the jungle outside. If the animals don't bother anyone we leave them alone. Here you definitely live in harmony with nature

Manuel Antonio Park House is the perfect place ...

If you love nature, you like to wake up with the sound of the monkeys in the trees around the villa and with the smell of fresh coffee. If you like to hear the sound of the jungle and its many inhabitants.

If you don't mind when a monkey wakes you up at 5am sometimes. You have learned to appreciate most creatures on this planet and you feel sorry that every day some species disappear from this earth.

If it's not the first time you leave your home state and you don't start screaming when you see an oversized, innocent bug or insect.

Manuel Antonio Park House is NOT the perfect place ...

If you want to stay in an all-airco, white-painted 'Palm Beach' type villa with marble bathrooms and modern designed furniture in the middle of the jungle.

If you want the luxury of a 5-star hotel in a unique location like Manuel Antonio Park House. We can tell you right now: this doesn't exist; nowhere on Planet Earth.

If you are unhappy or upset when everything not always works like you want it to work, please don't visit our villa and Costa Rica: Your vacation may become a disaster.

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